Wedding Reception Games

wedding reception games

So one thing I was worried about for my upcoming wedding, among the billions of things to worry about associated with weddings, was what will people do that don’t want to dance? Dinner is done, and there are really only three main activities for people, eating, drinking, and dancing.  But what happens to those non dancing folks?  So I decided to look into this and came up with some ideas which can be used for the cocktail hour and throughout the reception.

3_6144First of all I am getting married on New Years Eve, so I do have an added bonus of an activity to partake in when midnight strikes.  So thanks to Oriental Trading we have all of our New Years Regalia outfitted already!


I also have a dream of having a s’mores bar!  I did this at an event for work once and I thought it was so much fun.  Now I will preface this by saying that I hate s’mores… But this is a winter wedding in Vermont for goodness sake I thought it would be rather fitting!  I also want a hot coco bar hopefully we will get a light snowfall at our wedding to go with this!
Wedding Guest LibsI spyNow for some other fun activities for guests I came up with a couple of other games. Bride and groom Crossword Puzzle and Mad libs.  I looked at some online and adapted to make them my own! We also came up with a way for our guests to help us get even more wedding photographs by making an eye spy list for them and connecting it with an app they can download to their phones and then upload the images for us!  If you would like either of these two activities personalized for you I can do that for $15 just click the image to be brought to our Etsy page.  The Generic Version of the I SPY game is just $6 click the image for more information.

WeddingWe also had advice and question cards out in our cocktail hour room for guests to fill out at their leisure.  At the end of the night we got to collect them and use them to make a scrap book.  If you’re interested in getting some advice and question cards of your own CLICK HERE. 

Hopefully these activities will keep our guests entertained for a long time during the wedding!  If you have a suggestion of another activity for our guests please send them my way!

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