Camping Games

Summer is creeping it’s head around the corner and with the nice weather comes the season of camping.  Whether you are heading out to the woods with your family, kids, or just with a group of friends everyone needs something to do to entertain them when they get to the camp site!

Of course there is setting up the camp, swimming, hiking and the likes to do.  But what are some other activities that might be fun for everyone in the group?  In a previous post I discussed fun spring time event games all of which, if you have available to you and you have room in the car for them, BRING THEM ALONG!  They are hours of fun for the whole gang!


Here are some other ideas for camping fun that you might not have thought of!

Use what you have around you to create new and fun ways to play common games.  In the image to the left you can see a tic tac toe game being played with sticks, rocks, and pinecones!  Changing up a common game gives it a great new fun twist that all will enjoy!


These games to the right all have a great spin on some classics and all the pages have camping theme all over them!

Now this game does require prep before you leave home.  I doubt you will have a printer and computer available to you out in the woods.  But fun none the less.  If you would like a printable version of these games please CLICK HERE.


Another great idea of fun while camping is to have camping olympic games! Depending on the ages and numbers of people in your party you can have team or individual games. Before you begin you must also come up with a scoring and prize system.

You can easily use some of the games I have spoken about in the spring time event games post as competitions in your olympics.  But here are a few new ideas for you to consider as well:

  • Pine Cone Toss: Draw a line on the ground for everyone to stand behind.  Draw a few more lines- 5ft, 10ft, 20ft away.  This event then becomes like the javelin toss in the real olympic games and points are based on the distance the pinecone can be thrown.
  • Relay Race: All olympic games at least those in the summer involve running!  If you can find a looping trail around the campground or a path that will allow people to go up and down it a relay race is a great addition to any Olympics and gets everyone involved.  As an added bonus you can change the lengths that people run based on ability or age as well with this event.
  • Water Ballon Toss: If your campsite has good running water a water balloon toss is always a fun game.  Have one partner throw the ballon to the other partner, for each team that the has a balloon that doesn’t break have each member take a step back and toss the balloon again.  The last pair to have an intact balloon wins! (in the event that you are traveling without water ballons pinecones can be substituted, though they aren’t as much fun…)
  • Tug of War: As long as you plan ahead of time with a long thick rope this event can be accomplished.  Place a line in the sand and instruct each team to take a side of the rope.  The team that pulls the other teams members over the line first wins.



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