Memorial Day Planning Ideas

Memorial Day’s intention is to honor those who have lost their lives in service to their country.  However, for most Americans it means celebrating a long weekend and the kick off to the summer session.  Pools are opening, college students are out for the summer, and BBQ’s are in full force.

Below is a list of how to prepare for your Memorial Day activities:

Party Prep:

  • Plan your guest list, who do you want to invite, who will still be in town.
  • Send out invitations- this can be done via e-mail, evite, or actual mail… Though that takes a bit longer.  Make sure if your Memorial Day is going to be a potluck affair, you include that information on the invitation.  You can ask everyone to respond in a group message to discuss what they will be bringing so that there is not to much overlap.
  • Check the weather to make sure your event can happen outside or if the weather will be bad, inside, have corresponding activities for each.  Not everyone will be eating or preparing the food the whole time and will need something to do!


  • Anything red white and blue works, just as it does for 4th of July. memorial-day-decor-janie-gore So stock up now and use those decorations for both!
  • red white and blue napkins, plates, and cups are always a nice touch!
  • If your event will be outside, tiki tourches
    and paper lanterns
    are a great touch.
  • If you are inside bring the outside in with you with some fresh flowers.
  • Balloons and streamers add even more colorful decoration for everyone!


  • Make sure you have plenty of ice!  You will need it not only for your delicious beverages… But also for any coolers if you are serving iteMemorial-Day-Party.Drinksms outside.
  • Beverages: ask your guest what they may enjoy- Soda, Lemonade, Water and Alcoholic Beverages are always a plus.  You can even create a signature Memorial Day weekend drink.  Here is a list for 20 Memorial Day drinks: CLICK HERE
  • Make sure you are well aware if any of your guests will be vegetarians.  Have some items for them as well.  However, if you are doing a potluck they will most likely be brining an item they can eat.
  • Sides like veggies, fruit salads, watermelon, chips and dips are always great for an outside or inside Memorial day affair.
  • Of course the typical BBQ food is to be expected on this holiday.  But try and spice it up a bit.  Have everyone who enjoys BBQing come up with their own recipe for burgers or seasoning for Chicken and have a BBQ off for the best recipe!

Set Up:

  • Set up the food in a buffet line so that people can get their food in an orderly fashion.  You might want to consider putting sides, toppings and drinks in separate areas for more orderly conduct.
  • Stock plenty napkins and cups around the party for guests to grab.
  • Move furniture around for more convenient seating.
  • Have shade available for those wanting to get out of the sun.
  • Provide bug spray and sunscreen for your guests so that they can remain comfortable.
  • Set up any games for guests before hand so that guests may take a break from eating to enjoy a game.


If you are new to my blog you might not know this but I have posted many times in the past about different games that are fun for the group.  Below is a list of games which will all be great at your Memorial Day Event!

  • Whether you are camping or not many of these activities are relevant: Camping Games 
  • Here is a previous post about spring time games, these are all great outdoors BBQ games: Spring Time Event Games 
  • If your Memorial Day is going to be rained out don’t fret!  I have a list of my favorite inside party games too: Top 5 Party Games 
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