Pool Party Ideas

It is officially getting hot out there!  If you are lucky enough to own a pool or have access to a pool then you know that will be the place to be this summer.  But how do you throw an awesome Pool party?

After you have invited all of your pool worth friends over set the scene for a great day at the pool:


  • Have extra towels out for guests who forget theres
  • Have shade for those that don’t enjoy the sun
  • Make sure you have some great music blasting for your guests to enjoy all day long
  • Have a stack of magazines ready for those hanging out in the chairs
  • Have enough floats and noodles to go around for all of your guests to lounge in the poolphoto_70927_view_album_large
  • Put out colorful decorations to set the mood
  • And make sure you have sun screen for all of your guests as well!  No one wants all of their guests to burn…

Have fun themed colorful foods and drinks out:


This drink is made by freezing your ice cubes with food coloring and putting it into a glass with seltzer or sprite.  You can also add it to water if your guests don’t enjoy a little fizz.  Don’t forget smoothies are also a great fun an colorful option!


Having some themed foods is always fun check out these examples below:














Have some fun games planned for guests: 

Any of my games that I have mentioned in Spring Time Event Games will also work for on the pool deck.  But here are some other great pool games:

Water Balloon Fight

Diving for change: the person who can bring up the most money wins

Marco polo

Are just some basics… if you want a long list of awesome pool games check out this website by clicking HERE

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