Easy 4th of July Decorations


4th of July is coming up in a week and you have all weekend to get your decorations ready for the party!  Here are some easy decoration ideas for your festive event!

Better Homes and Gardens has a great list of ideas out there here are some of their suggestions:

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Festive Flag Wreath

Do you have a wreath laying around from another event?  If you don’t that’s ok the Foam Wreathinner cores can be purchased at craft stores very inexpensively and then you can wrap them in any material.  Peruse your local store for great materials.  You can even incorporate Independence Day colors into the covering of the wreath before attaching your American flags.  As a note on Mini American Flag
you can find about 3 for a $1 in the Dollar section at Target right now or you can buy 12 for $10 on Amazon!

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Blue Glassware Centerpiece

A collection of Blue Bottles and Drinking Glass makes a charming 4th of July centerpiece, especially when filled with flags or red and/or white flowers, such as these peonies. Blue glasses and bottles can often be found at dollar stores like the dollar tree, or you can also use clear glasses and blue dye in your water. Just make sure you add the dye right before the event or else your flowers will begin to turn blue! You can also find them on amazon click the links in the first sentence.

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4th of July Napkin Ring

If you are doing a more formal 4th of July dinner then upgrade your place setting by attaching some Sparkler to your table setting.

You can also use sparklers in your centerpieces by I advise highly against lighting them!


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Red, White, and Blue Picnic Servers

Spice up recycled containers (oatmeal containers work great) with scrapbooking paper to make easy utensil holder. Cut paper to size and use a glue stick to adhere to the outside of each cup. Scrapbooking and craft stores often carry pre-made chalkboard labels to make what you see in the image but if you don’t have the time you can always use black craft paper and a silver pen or make due with any craft paper and colored markers or leave it off all together if you’re in a real pinch!

Other Decoration Suggestions 

image-173410-1Painted Ball Jar Holders 

Click the image for the step by step process on how to paint your own flag Mason Jars.   It is a great process and very helpful instructions from It all started with paint.




paper rockets_MC

Do it Yourself Rockets

This 4th of July craft comes from blogger love your mother earth.  She also goes into step by step details on how to build your own paper firecrackers.




Candy Corner 

Below you can see some examples of how to use candy to dress up your 4th of July celebration.  Now I didn’t take the twizzler picture on the left but I do think it’s a great idea.  Last years 4th of July party had me separating out (with gloves of course) two large bags of red white and blue m&m’s for this cute candy decoration on the right! The picture in the center is another pintrest find of someone else’s candy color coating for 4th of July party extravaganza’s.  See it works!







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