Easy Halloween Decorations

There is no need to fuss before your Halloween party this weekend, decorations are still out there and easy to find and even easier and more creative to make!   Your friends and family will love these simple do it yourself decoration ideas!

Tissue Ghosts


Have you ever made a tissue ghost?  It was an annual occurrence for me growing up. It’s the easiest and most inexpensive Halloween decoration I can think of and it is fun and kid friendly.  All you need are tissues, a permanent marker, and some ribbon for the neck tie.  Here’s what you need to do.  Take a tissue and ball it up, place it in the center of another tissue, then fold the tissue around the ball making that its head.  Close off your tissue by tying your ribbon around the base of the balled up tissue and there you go, your ghost is ready to be decorated with the permanent marker if you wish to give it a face.  I then like to hang them from things around my home using fishing line or other thin wire to make it appear as though they are flying.

Mummy Candy Cans

original_Layla-Palmer-Halloween-mummy-cans-beauty2_3x4_lgThis idea comes from hgtv.com and I love it!  All you need are some left over cans from your most recent super, some gauze and some googly eyes!

For all of the instructions on how to make these adorable cans please click HERE.  But to make the directions easy I will just say use your glue gun to wrap gauze or cheese cloth around your can and strategically leave the mouth and eye areas open.  Then glue on your googly eyes and you’re done!  Stuff full of candy and you have an awesome centerpiece or a great parting gift for your guests!  Not to mention you just did a great job recycling!

Sheet Covered Room

Cobwebs-and-other-spooky-decorationsMake your living room instantly spooky by covering all of your furnature in white sheets.  Now this isn’t the cheapest method of decorating, but come on it’s always a good idea to have extra sheets lying around for when guests come over right?

Now as you can see in this photograph the people behind this design have also purchased some fake cobwebs which you can always find at the Dollar Tree, Target, or Amazon!

Halloween Books

101144997.jpg.rendition.largestHalloween Books are so easy to do and a very clever addition to any party!  All you need to do is cut lengths of paper to wrap around the books, and fold the edges over the insides of the front and back covers tape them in as long as you don’t mine it sticking to the inside cover.  If you have blue painters tape this will likely will leave your books unharmed.  Decorate the spines with Halloween stickers or your own lettering. Don’t forget the fun and spooky titles.

These were just a few of my suggestions!  Do you have any to share?

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