Even More Easy Halloween Decorations

Ok well if you haven’t check out my last set of easy halloween decorations make sure you do there are some great tips!  You can access it HERE.  Here are some more great easy ideas!

Standing Ghosts

6c61b24cb0e6e82f43c728de6ca38d10This is a great suggestion from pintrest this homemade standing Halloween Ghost is done in just a few steps. All you need is a soda bottle, styrofoam ball, wire, starch, spray bottle, blow dryer, felt, and cheese cloth.  Stand up the bottle and place the styrofoam ball squarely on top, form the wire as arms that stick up making it look like this image on the left.  Drape cheese cloth over top and spray with starch until hard. You can also use a blow dryer to speed along the process. Remove the cheese cloth from over top the can and bar and glue on two felt eyes. This project takes about an hour. Here are some extra project tips.  You have to coat the ghost pretty thick and if you have a hair dryer that will speed up the drying time. After that let it sit overnight to completely dry before removing it from the soda bottle support.  Also a good brand of spray starch is called Sta Flo it will hold better than what you can find in the grocery store.

Glowing Cauldron

8c07ac4d8c5a3f412cfeb6887b3701ce-1All you need for this ghostly cauldron is to add a glowstick to the liquid! You can add ice to the water and make it a cooler for drinks as well as a cauldron. You can see this demonstrated in the photo to the left.


Or you can add one color glow stick to the cauldren surround the cauldren with some blanket batting and place another color glowstick under that for a different added effect that you can see in the picture to the right.

Creepy Bathroom Hands

0add120504a5c7939b3d516f322c0292Need a hand? In this fun decoration all you need is a pair of old gloves, tissues, scissors, and tape.  For this creative bathroom craft take an old pair of gloves fill the fingers with tissues to make them appear full.  Then cut a whole at the wrist to be able to fit the toilet paper roll holder inside the whole and connect it back to the sides.  You can also use tape to help secure your gloves in place.

Bloody Candles

87dc412438c4d610f4b42afc20018354To make some bloody candles all you need are some white and red candles.  Simply melt the red candles onto the white ones to allow for a dripping effect and there you go!  Bloody Candles!

Halloween Treat Bags

2012_witch_broom_treat_bagsCreate a party favor or tick-or-treat handout that’s adorable and only pennies to make!  All you need to make these cute favors or decorations are a couple of brown lunch bags, a free stick from your yard, and your choice of a tasty teat to hide inside!  Here’s the items you’ll need:
•  Brown Paper Lunch Bags
•  Scissors (if you want to make them look frayed)
•  Rubber Bands, Ribbon, String, or Yarn to tie at the top
•  Sticks (from your yard)
•  Candy

Do you have any Easy Halloween Decoration ideas? Let us know!

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