Cheap and Easy Thanksgiving Decorations

Have fun crafting and decorating at the same time this Thanksgiving with these fun ideas great for any party and even easy enough to have your kids help you with!

Mayflower Place Cards


It’s there is so much Thanksgiving fun when you can eat snacks out of the Mayflower! These little snack boats are so easy to make, plus they can also double as place cards at your Thanksgiving table. Here’s the items you’ll need:
•  Brown Paper Lunch Sacks
•  Straws
•  Construction Paper
•  Scissors
•  Tape
•  Hole Punch
•  Markers

This idea can all be made with items from the Dollar Tree and to find out exactly how to make this awesome place card CLICK HERE for their downloadable instructions!

Use What You Can Find Centerpiece 

485851_10100227257841165_1465244179_nFor the centerpiece here to the left I purchased three orange candles at the dollar store, a bag of little rocks and fake leaves at the dollar store and two gourds from the grocery store which were on sale 3 for $2. The wine glasses were already in our collection as was the tray it is placed on, and if I had more time I most likely would have gone out to get the leaves and rocks myself off the ground but I was pressed for time when I was creating this centerpiece for a fall themed party last year…

Pumpkin Candle Holders


For this cute little candle decoration all you need are some small pumpkins that you can hallow out the centers of and some small tee lights.  Place the tee lights in the center of the hallowed out pumpkins and there you go you are done.  But please remember if you are doing this for a party try and hallow out the pumpkins closer to the start time rather than trying to get this done a week before the party.  You wouldn’t want rotting pumpkin candles…

Free Printable Thanksgiving Decorations and Activities

mashup-1This awesome blog has some amazing free printables that you can use for your Thanksgiving celebration!  The collection includes: an invitation, party circles, menu cards, a kids’ activity sheet (love this!), tented cards, a “Gobble Gobble” banner, candy bar wrappers, and water bottle wrappers.

To download and view all of the options please check out the Catch My Party website HERE

Do you have any more idea’s to share?  Feel free to comment and let your fellow readers know!

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