Free Wedding Photographers


We are getting a photographer for our wedding.  But we’re only getting one, not 5-6 like I’ve seen at some weddings I’ve been to lately.  Why?  Because we just can’t afford something like that.  So instead we are going with this free and easy event idea.  Asking our wedding guests to help us out and be extra photographers at our wedding.  On the back page of our wedding program we’ve included a fun I Spy game and instructions on how to use this great free app to take pictures for us at our wedding and upload them for us to see.  We’ve also included an e-mail address where they can e-mail the photo’s later if they don’t feel comfortable downloading the app or are using a camera.

Here is what the developers of the app have to say: Wedding Party is the app for your entire wedding journey! Collect photos from all your friends, family and guests and help them connect and share at all of your wedding events & occasions. Share your schedule and logistical details; keep track of the dates with a wedding countdown; and organize all of your wedding related photos into albums.

With Wedding Party you can capture some of the most important moments in your life and connect with your guests in a way that has never been possible before!

For couples:
-Download the app and set up your wedding
-Add details for your wedding events (event and venue information, logistics, special directions etc.)
-Get your guests involved by inviting them by text or email
-Log in to your dashboard at to download custom placecards, and tips on how to make Wedding Party a success for your wedding
-Set up albums for all of your wedding events (we’ve created a few for you already)
-Capture and organize all your photos in one place with this beautiful (and free!) app

For guests:
-Download the app, register and join a wedding with the custom Wedding Name code created by the couple
-View the story of the couple’s engagement and wedding journey
-Share your best shots from the all of the wedding events
-Find logistical information like venue names and addresses so you can be at the right place and on time!
-Meet other guests and participate in the wedding in an engaging and fun new way

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