Easy Winter Wedding Or Event Centerpiece



I am still recovering from my New Years Eve Wedding… It was an amazing whirlwind experience and I am still trying to remember everything that happened at it!  One thing I thought my readers might be interested in though was my Wintery Centerpieces.  Here is all you need to achieve this look:

$1 Vases from the Dollar Tree if you can’t find them there you can find them on Amazon.

Fake Snow (we got some on sale at an arts & crafts store post Christmas the year before, but if you can’t do that get it online on Amazon)

1545792_10100564424671135_1750001866_nFake Pinecones/Cinnamon bags (we also got these on sale from the same store but if you can’t find them in store try Amazon)

1012841_10100564431876695_985921861_nChristmas Ornaments in the Colors of the wedding (light blue and silver) Also purchased on sale after Christmas.

Fill as needed separating out the ornaments and pine cones sprinkle the snow carefully adding to much is not a good idea!

To add to the table we sprinkled extras of everything on the tables around them.  And that’s it a beautiful winter centerpiece!

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