Bachelorette Party Goodie Bags

bachelorette party goodie bags 2For my bachelorette party I needed clean fun activities for all ages so I could include my 15 year old cousin in the festivities.

bachelorette party goodie bags

So I had a PJ Bachelorette Party.

Everyone came dressed in their PJ’s up to my hotel suite two nights before the wedding, we settled in for some snacks, movie watching and classic sleepover party fun!

You’re never to old for a slumber party!

But to make sure we had lots of stuff to do I included some fun items in their goodie bags!

So here is what I included in my bags:

Wine glasses (for our wine glass decorating activity $1 each from Dollar Tree)

Bottled Water with labels personalized from Oriental Trading $7

The baggies ($1 for all from Dollar Tree)

Nail Files ($2.50 for a pack of 5 from Amazon)

Fuzzy Socks (6 pairs for $10)

Lindt Chocolates from a mixed bag of Lindt Chocolates

what's in the bag

And these awesome personalized Chapstick and lotions from an amazing vendor on Etsy!  Not only is she quick, efficient, and inexpensive; she is also great with communication and does great work!  I HIGHLY recommend these they were a big hit! She has all sorts of prints to chose from for other events as well!

I also included a face mask for everyone and a washcloth so that we could all do face masks as an activity during the evening!

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