New Years Eve Wedding


For the most part my wedding was winter themed.  Fake snow everywhere including with the pine cones, silver and light blue christmas ornaments filled our centerpieces (click HERE to see them) white christmas lights adorned the beams in the rooms, etc. But there was one section of our wedding dedicated purely to the celebration of New Years Eve and that was the bar area.

We had the venue turn the tv’s on to watch the ball drop right before midnight.  Our DJ moved a smaller set into that space so he could play music in that room leading up to the ball drop and to play auld lang syne at midnight.  And since we got engaged exactly one year before our wedding we went online and purchased a box full of New Years Eve supplies from a party store on sale right after our engagement.  We got a set of 100 and for our 80 guests we had more than enough.  I would guess that a set of 100 would be fine for up to 125 guests or more to be honest.  So much comes in those boxes!

Lots of places sell these boxes here are just a few:


Party City

Oriental Trading


We went with whom ever had the best sale and best deal on shipping (or we could find a coupon code for) which for us was Oriental Trading.

To spice up the table a little more we had picked up some gold, black, and silver extra ornamental pieces all on sale at different stores post new years.  Mostly from the Christmas Tree shop only located in the north east and various crafting shops.

As you can see from the picture below we had a great New Years Eve wedding celebration!!!

New Years Eve Weddin

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