The Roommate Game

the roommate game

10 years ago, I can’t believe it’s been that long already… I was a Resident Advisor (RA) or as they called it where I went to school Res Fellow (shout out to Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario CANADA).  Back then I had to do the standard programming, passive programs aka posters and fun stuff on the walls and active programming aka actual events that you had to get your floor to come out to.  I still have a few of those programs I created saved on my computer.  Last night when I was posting about my blog on Facebook one of my students (shout out to Roger) said “Michelle, I am totally going to check this out when I run dry of RA ideas!”.  So to help out Roger and his fellow RA’s I thought I should dedicate a post or two to them with some specific RA Easy Event Ideas!

Without further adieu, here is how you play THE ROOMMATE GAME!




-Small white boards if you have them but you can do without.

-The questions

-Participants at least 2 pairs of roommates, if you have more than 3 pair of roommates competing use the first two rounds as elimination rounds to whittle the teams down.

-An awesome prize

Round 1: Roommate 101

Seat your participants in front of your audience.

You act as the host or have a guest come and host the game.

Ask one participant from each team to leave the room.

Then begin to ask the remaining roommates the following question.

Get them to write the number of each question on the top of the sheet of paper, and write their answer largely on the rest of the sheet.

There are 15 questions in each of the first two rounds (you can adapt subtract do what ever you’d like to the questions I created a lot so that you can pick and chose your favorites).

1.    What is the first thing your roommate does in the morning?Unknown

a.    Go to the bathroom

b.    Get a drink cause they are so dehydrated from the night before

c.    Go to bed cause they just got home from last night.

d.    My roommate never sees morning

2.    If your roommate had to pick an adrenaline rush which one would s/he pick?

a.    Bungy Jumping

b.    Ski diving

c.    Roller Coaster

d.    Parasailing

3.    How much dough does your roomy go through on a Saturday night?

a.    None, my roommate doesn’t go out on Saturday night

b.    $20, for dinner and a movie

c.    $40, the drinks taste better on a Saturday night downtown

d.    $60, s/he drinks like a fish

4.    If your roommate could have a date with one of this celebrity’s, which one s/he pick?

a.     Rihanna

b.     Kim Kardashian

c.      Mila Kunis

d.      Miley Cirus

e.      Leonardo Decaprio

f.      Ryan Gossling

g.     Drake

h.     Aziz Ansari

5.    Is your roommate a:

a.    Dog person

b.    Cat person

c.    Fish- they don’t need a lot of care

d.    All your roommate could take care of are rocks

6.    When it comes to supper your roommate likes to:

a.    Make it from scratch

b.    Nuke it

c.    Go to the food court

d.    Eat in the Dining Hall

7.    Does your roommate go to class:131026290_640

a.    Early…they like to get a good seat

b.    Just in the nick of time

c.    They always sneak in late

d.    Class… they don’t know the meaning of the word

8.    How often does your roommate visit the library?

a.    Once or twice a week

b.    Once or twice a semester

c.    Only at midterms and finals

d.    Only when a paper is due

e.    Never

9.    What does your roommate’s favorite cartoon?

a.    Sponge Bob Square Pants

b.    They hate cartoons

c.    The Simpson’s

d.    Family Guy

10. What kind of drink would your roommate get downtown?

a.    Just a basic beer

b.    Make that a double mixed drink on the rocks

c.    Drinks?  My roommate doesn’t Drink.

d.    Shot, shots, and more shots.  Why waste any time?

11. How does your roommate squeeze the toothpaste?

a.    S/he grabs it in the middle and squeezes the life out of it

b.    Nice, neat, and flat from the bottom

c.    Rolls it from the bottom

d.    My roommate doesn’t use toothpaste

12. How does your roommate act in front of people s/he doesn’t know?

a.    You would be shocked if he/she opened up their mouth

b.    Quiet and shy at first, then loosens up

c.    Always the life of the party

d.    Depends on how many drinks s/he had?

13. What kind of job can you picture your roommate doing over the summer?

a.    Being a lifeguard… you would definitely want them to save your life

b.    Camp counselor… sure you would put them in charge of your little bro/sis

c.    Working a cash register… maybe slide ya some free food or something

d.    An exotic dancer… you always thought they were a great dancer

14. If your roommate could be on any reality show, which one would they choose?

a.    Survivor… they are just crazy enough to go live on a deserted island and compete for money

b.    The Bachelor or Bachelorette… they can flirt with the best of them

c.    American Idol… they are just so talented

d.    Big Brother… they know how to work people and can get a long well with lots of different types of people

15. Would your roommate prefer to:

a.    Go to the ocean and chill on the beach or surf the waves

b.    Head up the mountains for a nice hike

c.     Chill out by a nice calm lake maybe go for a boat ride

d.    check out the city

Now ask the roommates who left the room to come back.  Ask them the same questions allow them to answer before the first roommate reveals what they thought the answer would be.  Score each team with a correct answer with one point.  

Next ask the teams to switch roles from the previous round.

Round 2: Roommate 102aw_roommate_game2_full

16. How often does your roommate wash their clothes?

a.    At least once a week

b.    Maybe every other week

c.    Once a month

d.    Every time they go home

e.    Once a semester

f.     Once they’ve run out of clean underwear (well after wearing them all inside out too)

17.What type of kicks does your roommate rock every day?

a.    Sneakers

b.    Sandals

c.    Slippers

d.    Dress shoes

e.    Barefoot

18. How often does your roommate call home?

a.    Once a day

b.    Once a week

c.    Once a month

d.    Only when something bad happens

e.    Never they wait for their parents to call and check to see if they are still alive.

19. What activity can get your roomy outside when the weather gets nice?

a.    Biking

b.    Hiking

c.    Extreme walking

d.    Getting out on the field and playing a game

e.    Weather smeather they wont go outside no mater what

20. How many nights a week does your roomy go out?

a.    1

b.    2

c.    3

d.    4

e.    ever night of the week

21. What are your roommate’s study habits?

a.    Study at least a week in advanced

b.    Two days before the test

c.    The night before the big exam

d.    Or an hour before they show up for the test

22. Out on the town is your roommate more likely to be:

a.    Chillin’ on a bar stool mindin’ their own business

b.    At the bar, getting drinks and making convo with the cute bartender

c.    Passed out in the bathroom

d.    Hasn’t been seen since you’ve arrived

23. What concert is your roommate most likely to go to?aw_roommate_gamed_full

a.    Drake

b.    Elton John

c.    Dave Matthews Band

d.    Pink

e.    Brittany Spears

24. About how many times a day does your roommate curse?

a.    Once

b.    Maybe like 3 times

c.    Only when they are really pissed off

d.    All the time, they the mouth of a trucker

25. How far has your roommate ever traveled?

a.    To a neighboring town

b.    Out of the state

c.    Across the country

d.    To another North American Country

e.    To another continent

26. Who does your roommate think is the funniest actor?

a.    Adam Sandler

b.    Chelsea Handler

c.    Aziz Ansari

d.    Chris Rock

e.    Donald Glover

27. What city would your roommate go and visit?

a.    NYC

b.    LA

c.    Kathmandu

d.    London

e.    Sydney

28. How many people has your roommate hooked up with this semester?

a.    1

b.    4

c.    more than 3

d.    a lot more than 3

e.    none

29. If your roommate could live in one place where would it be

a.    A small village on the Mediterranean

b.    In a big city like NYC

c.    In some place outdoorsy like the Australian outback

d.    On a deserted island where no one could bother them

e.    In the residence halls for the rest of their life

30. If you ever caught your roommate reading something other than a school text book what would it be?

a.    A magazine like cosmo or maxim

b.    A magazine like national geographic or time

c.    A Harry Potter book

d.    The back of there cereal box

Now ask the roommates who left the room to come back.  Ask them the same questions allow them to answer before the first roommate reveals what they thought the answer would be.  Score each team with a correct answer with one point.  

If you had more than 3 teams competing this would be the time to eliminate teams doing poorly leaving your top 2-3 teams.

For the next round have both team members stay in the room but have them sit back to back with white boards to answer on or if you don’t have that paper and markers.  Make one person the person this round is about and in round 4 switch the focus.  They will be answering now both in front of the crowd.  Have them each team write their answers and then ask the groups individually like the the old newlywed game show (it’s ok if you need to google to see what that was all about).

Round 3: Fill in the blank

1.      When is your roommates Birthday?

2.      Who is the cleanest roommate?

3.      Who has the most “friends” sleep over

4.      Who spends the most time in the bathroom?

5.      What is your roommate’s middle name?

6.      How many siblings does your roommate have?

7.      Can your roommate name 5 characters on the show friends? (roommates answering for themselves must write down 5 characters while the guessing roommate just writes yes or no).

8.      What’s your roommate’s major?

9.      What kind of shampoo does your roommate use?

Roommates should switch roles at this point

Round 4: Fill in the blank

10.  What teacher does your roommate talk about the most?

11.  What is the name of your roommate’s home town?

12.  Who spends more time studying?

13.  What are the names of your roommate’s siblings?

14.  What is your roommate’s favorite food?

15.  What was the name of your roommate’s high school?

16.  Can your roommate name 4 Adam Sandler Movies?

17.  If your roommate could change one thing about themselves what would it be?

18.  Where is your roommate’s favorite place to go in (Insert City or Town your School is located)?

You are now at the end calculate the scores and announce your winner! Congratulations on hosting a successful Roommate Game! 

Want even more questions or ways to play?  Check out Know Your Partner.

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