Battle of the Sexes Game

Battle of the Sexes

As I said in my last post The Roommate Game I am dedicating a few posts to all the RA’s out there.  In celebration of a few of my students finding out that they are going to be RA’s in the fall, Christina, Bisma, and Taylor this goes out to you, and also to my students finishing out their year Marriah and Roger you are both amazing!  This is another post for you and all of your RA colleagues out there that I made back in my RA days (I feel so old)!  I created this game back in college but you can also buy a formal version of Battle of the Sexes on Amazon.

Note: Though dedicated to RA’s you can play this game with a group of friends in your home as well!

Here is what you need for the Battle of the Sexes:

– Contestants- teams of guys and girls

– Score Keeper

-Timer (for Charades Round)

How to Play:

Separate the contestants on either side of the room (note: to make sure all members are comfortable allow contestants to self select which team they would like to play for). During round one multiple choice each member gets a turn to answer a question for the team.  You can flip back and forth between the teams or go through all of the questions for one team first and then the other.  Next you will move on to the fill in the blank round, and last there is a charades round where members of the team have to act out the phrase or word for their teams to guess.


ROUND 1: Multiple Choice for Girls

  1. What Country is Heineken Beer From?
    1. Denmark
    2. Germany
    3. Holland
  2. The sporting field known as ‘Trent Bridge’ is home to which game?
    1. Soccer
    2. Cricket
    3. Baseball
  3. Which car company released the ‘verda’?
    1. Mitsubishi
    2. Honda
    3. Toyota
  4. What does the company ‘Michelin’ make?
    1. Tires
    2. Power tools
    3. Brake Pads
  5. Where would you find ‘Sprigs”?
    1. On the bottom of a pair of soccer cleats
    2. Under the mistletoe
    3. Under a car bonnet
  6. Players in the N.F.L. are numbered according to their position.  What position would you play if you wore number 19?
    1. Quarterback, punter, kicker
    2. Center or linebacker
    3. Wide receiver and tight ends
  7. What is Daytona Famous for?
    1. Racing Cars
    2. Brewing Beer
    3. Running of the Bulls
  8. How many players make up a team in a game of Ice Hockey on the ice?
    1. 8
    2. 10
    3. 6
  9. Which major car company uses a prancing horse as its trademark?
    1. General Motorsbattle-of-the-sexes
    2. Porsche
    3. Ferrari
  10. Where is Jack Daniel’s whisky made?
    1. New Orleans
    2. Tennessee
    3. Virginia
  11. In sporting terms, what would you be doing if you were ‘in the covers’?
    1. Fielding a game of cricket
    2. Sitting on the bench at a football game
    3. Defending in a basketball game
  12. Where would you use a rotor-rooter?
    1. On your lawn
    2. In a blocked drain
    3. In a car
  13. What is the product WD-40?
    1. A multi-purpose screwdriver
    2. A lawnmower
    3. A general Purpose Lubricant
  14. In Formula One motor racing what does a black flag mean?
    1. Car must stop in pits
    2. The race has been stopped
    3. Slippery track
  15. In which sport would you find a scrum?
    1. Australian Rules Football
    2. Soccer
    3. Rugby League or Union
  16. Name the author of the novel on which the movie ‘Patriot Games’ was based?
    1. Tom Clancy
    2. Robert Ludlum
    3. Ian Fleming
  17. How many milliliters are there in a long neck of beer?
    1. 800ml
    2. 750ml
    3. 600ml
  18. Apart from a shoe heel, what is a stiletto?
    1. Type of nail
    2. Type of drill
    3. Short knife
  19. In what magazine might you see a Graham Wilson cartoon?
    1. Playboy
    2. Maxim
    3. Sports illustrated
  20.   A slash is used on your bowling scorecard when:
    1. You get a strike
    2. You have a gutter ball
    3. You get a spare
  21. What baseball team calls Fenway Park their home?
    1. NY Yankee’s
    2. NY Mets
    3. Boston Red Sox
  22. Porsche automobiles are made in what country?
    1. Japan
    2. Germany
    3. England
  23. Between the ages of 26 and 50 the average man loses 26 pounds of what?
    1. Muscle
    2. Fat
    3. Hair
  24. How frequently do you have to rotate the air in your tires?
    1. Once a year
    2. Never
    3. Once a month
  25. If your computer has a gig, what does it have?
    1. 10 megs
    2. 100 megs
    3. 1000 megs
  26. What is the highest hand you can get in poker? 
    1. Royal Flush
    2. Four of a kind
    3. Full house
  27. In baseball, what inning do you “stretch”? 
    1. 7th
    2. 8th
    3. 9th
  28. What is also known as the “House that Ruth Built?”
    1. Yankee Stadium
    2. Baseball hall of fame
    3. Fenway stadium
  29. What color is transmission fluid?
    1. Brown
    2. Red
    3. Clear
  30. The centerfold in Penthouse Magazine is known as?
    1. The Penthouse Pet
    2. Just the Centerfold
    3. The Penthouse Playmate
  31. In golf, what have you done if you push the ball?
    1. Hit it to the left
    2. Hit it to the right
    3. Hit it down the center
  32. When they’re all on the table, how many solid balls are there in pool?
    1. 9
    2. 8
    3. 7

ROUND 1: Multiple Choice for Guys

  1. What was the theme song from the movie ‘Ghost’ starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore?
    1. It’s a Wonderful Life
    2. Unforgettable
    3. Unchained Melody
  2. What type of flour do you use to thicken sauces
    1. Corn flour
    2. Self raising flour
    3. Plain flour
  3. Which Sign of the zodiac is represented by a set of scales?
    1. Libra
    2. Aries
    3. Cancer
  4. What is Channel’s most famous Perfume?
    1. Chanel #5
    2. Coco  #12
    3. Chanel #6
  5. Which popular female singer launched her career in the all-girl band ‘The Go-Go’s’?
    1. Susan Sarandon
    2. Belinda Carlisle
    3. Totti Goldsmith
  6. What type of Beauty products does Paul Mitchell Make?
    1. Hair care
    2. Skin care
    3. Nail care
  7. What is the traditional gift for a 60th wedding anniversary?
    1. Diamonds
    2. Gold
    3. Sapphires
  8. Which of these events is not present in Women’s Gymnastics?
    1. Floor
    2. Vault
    3. Parallel Bars
  9. Tuxedo fold, Bishop’s mitre, and peacock’s tail are all what?
    1. Ways of folding table napkins
    2. Cocktails
    3. Famous works of art
  10. Which fashion designer created the now infamous sequined pointy bras worn by Madonna?
    1. Jean-Paul Gaultier
    2. Dolce and Gabbana
    3. Christian Dior
  11. Musician Kenny G. is famous for playing what instrument?
    1. Guitarbattleofthesexes
    2. Saxophone
    3. Trumpet
  12. Which of these fabrics is see-through?
    1. Chenille
    2. Chiffon
    3. Silk
  13. Which cosmetic company uses the slogan “Maybe she’s born with is.  Maybe it’s….”?
    1. Max Factor
    2. Maybeline
    3. Yardley
  14. If you were born in May what would be your birthstone?
    1. Pearl
    2. Emerald
    3. Diamond
  15. What shape is a princess cut diamond?
    1. Square
    2. Oval
    3. Circle
  16. Which bra is the larger cup size?
    1. 42B
    2. 36D
    3. 38C
  17. What was Brad Pitt’s first hit movie?
    1. ‘A river runs through it’
    2. ‘Thelma and Louise’
    3. ‘Interview With a Vampire’
  18. What cosmetic product works well for repairing a run in pantyhose?
    1. Mascara
    2. Nail polish
    3. Lipstick
  19. What is Chubby Hubby?
    1. Flavor of ice cream
    2. Band
    3. Pet name for an overweight husband
  20. What is an anklet?
    1. Type of sock
    2. Ankle Bracelet
    3. Type of lotion for feet
  21. What does Sandra Bullock do for a living in the film “While You Were  Sleeping?”
    1. Work in a book store
    2. Drive a bus
    3. Work in the subways
  22. What play is ‘Pretty Women’ Modeled after?
    1. ‘The King and I’
    2. ‘My Fair Lady’
    3. ‘Guys and Dolls’
  23. What’s a bangle?
    1. Band
    2. Bracelet
    3. Hair tie
  24. What is a pumice stone used for? 
    1. meditation
    2. balance
    3. Removing dry skin
  25. The reproductive life of the average female is: 
    1. 25 years
    2. 30 years
    3. 35 years
  26. What is an emery board? 
    1. Type of Surf board for girls
    2. Nail File
    3. A shoe
  27. After you get a perm, what can you NOT do for two days?
    1. Wear a hat
    2. Wash your hair
    3. Die it
  28. When do you eat the top of your wedding cake? 
    1. first anniversary
    2. wedding night
    3. day after the wedding
  29. Who was Barbie’s sister? 
    1. Sarah
    2. Skipper
    3. Summer
  30.  If you get a French tip what are you getting?
    1. A fruity drink
    2. Money
    3. Manicure
  31. How many garters on a garter belt?  
    1. 2
    2. 4
    3. 6
  32. Which of the following is specifically marketed to relieve PMS and other Menstrual symptoms
    1. Midol
    2. Tylenol
    3. Excedrin

Round 2: Fill in the blank for Girls

  1. What sport has penalties for off sides, back boarding, and hooking?  Hockey
  2. Which is better, a full house or a flush? a flush
  3. If an athlete wins the Heisman Trophy, what sport are they playing? Football
  4. On most motorcycles, which foot do you use to change gears?  Right
  5. Other than gasoline, name two fluids you put in your car.  Oil, brake fluid, windshield washer, coolant, water, transmission fluid
  6. Fill in the blank…Have you driven a ______ lately?  Ford
  7. Wheaties, the breakfast of…?  champions
  8. If the doctor tells you to turn your head and cough, what is he checking for?  a hernia, you hope
  9. In baseball, what does ERA stand for?  Earned Run Average
  10. What do the initials BMX represent?  Bicycle Motocross

Round 2: Fill in the blank for Guys

  1. What does DKNY Stand for?  Donna Karan New York
  2. What does OB/GYN stand for? Obstetrician/Gynecologist
  3. According to etiquette, what’s the difference between the continental and American styles of cutting and eating food at a formal meal?  continental you keep your fork in your left hand at all times
  4. What’s the difference between pantyhose and stockings?  Pantyhose are one piece, stockings are thigh high, held up by garter belt
  5. What’s an epidural?  A pain killer for women used during child birth
  6. When wearing an engagement ring and a wedding band together in America, which goes on the finger first?  The wedding band
  7. Would you wash a 100% cotton red sweatshirt in hot or cold water?  cold
  8. What show did Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson first appear on as one character? Full house
  9. When a birth is C-section, what does the C stand for?  Caesarean
  10. What does PMS stand for? Premenstrual syndrome

Round 3: Charades for Girls- Set a time limit for contestants of 60 seconds

Fixing a car

Watching the super bowl

Playing computer games

Get a circumcision

Playing Hockey

Round 3: Charades for Guys– Set a time limit for contestants of 60 seconds

Tea Party

Playing with dolls

Putting in a tampon

Blow drying your hair

Going to a spa

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