Free 2014 Oscar Ballot Printables


Staying with our Oscar Theme, you know since it’s Sunday Night and all… Today I am bringing you some Free Printables that I made to make your Sunday Night Oscar Watch Party more enjoyable!

There are two pages to this kit:

-Page one has all of the major awards so that you can chose just to offer that to your guests.

-Page two adds a few more of the awards that are presented during the evening and a new section I added called Oscar Superlatives.

It’s up to you how you’d like to play but I tend to give everyone one point for each correct answer and then if you are playing with page two everyone gets a bonus point if they guessed a superlative at the beginning of the game!

Take a look, hope you like them, and enjoy your Oscar Watch Parties this weekend!


Also if you are watching the Pre Oscar Red Carpet show then make sure you check out this previous post with RED CARPET BINGO

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