How much alcohol should you buy?

So in my last post I posted some images to help you figure out what kinds of alcohol to buy for your next party.  Today I am going to talk about how much to buy for your next party.

Now it’s always tough to assume how much alcohol you should have on hand.  You need to figure out who’s a drinker, what do they like to drink, how long will they be drinking for etc.  Well I made you this handy chart to help you in your decision making process.  Each category is broken down into 10, 25, 50, and 100 guests.

Feel free to mix and match, will you have 25 beer drinkers and 10 wine drinker?  Or will you have 100 beer drinkers and 25 liquor drinkers?  Take a look below and do the math!

Click the image to take a closer look!




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