30th Birthday Trivia Game


I was supposed to spend my 30th Birthday celebrating with a picnic on the National Mall.  Sadly, weather didn’t agree that I should hold my party outside and thus I had to have it indoors again this year…  So I had to quickly come up with some games for everyone to play inside.  I couldn’t rely on frisbee tossing, monument looking, and everyone taking walks in the cherry blossoms to fill the time.  I decided to create a trivia game of facts from the thirty years of my life.  There were four different categories: Oscar Winners, Most Watched TV Shows, Sports, Random, and Music.   I also included some fun dollar store prizes for the winners. The game was timed and I let people work in pairs.

If you want to check it out I sell it in my Etsy Shop. If you would like your own version with your images or different questions I can certainly do that for you for a base rate of $25.  If you are interested please contact me through my Etsy Page if you’re interested in a personalized version of this game.  If you have someone celebrating their 50th Birthday I also have a game for that!

Interested in getting this game CLICK HERE

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