Advertising Your Event Using PowToon


So at work not only am I in charge of putting on the events I am also in charge of marketing them.  At the end of last year I heard about a website called Powtoon and got our department an account.  Powtoon helps you create animated videos and hosts them on their website.  But the cool thing about Powtoon is that you can use it for free and then export to youtube.  You don’t need to upgrade but if you do there are more options for you.  This can be used even for your own party at home to get your friends excited or for all of you RA’s out there reading this blog you can make a video and send it out to all of your residents! The best way for you to learn about Powtoon is to check out there website and play around with it yourself!  I highly recommend!

Below you can see the video I made to promote my Weekends trip to a local amusement park.  I used it on our website and on the campus TV’s to advertise to our students.

Note: I do not receive any compensation for talking about this website on my blog.

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