Easy Flag Themed Foods

Flag themed foodsAre you having a world cup watch party today?  Or just need a snack for your 4th of July party or Canada Day?  Well here are three really easy treats for your event!  Because I live in the USA and am an American Citizen all of my foods here are America biased but that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate these with your own county in mind! 

American Flag Cake:

I made a plane sheet cake covered it in white frosting carefully sprinkled some red sprinkles in lines on the cake and covered a square in the upper left corner in blue frosting.  then i just dapped on some white dots of frosting, if you don’t have any tools you can use a tooth pick for this desired effect!  Super easy!

Red White and Blue M&M’s

This time of year you can buy bags of M&M’s in a red white and blue mix.  All I did was gathered 3 jars, put on some gloves and separated the colors into each jar.

Fruit Skewers

For this one all you need are some blue berries, strawberries, and either marshmallows or banana’s for white.  Skew as needed, and change out the fruits based on your countries flag!

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