Use What You Have

Use What You

This past weekend I was helping out at a colleagues event.  The event involved giving out a lot of sandwiches, cookies, chips, and drinks to all of the hundreds of guests. So to make the event look a little bit nicer I used some items I found around the room we were renting to present the food in a nicer way.

The cookies, sandwiches, and drinks all came in their own packaging but the chips came in big boxes and they needed to be laid out on the table.  I found these cute little 3 tiered displays. They had just the right amount of levels for the different types of chips I had and I decided it would look super cute if we displayed they out on them.

The only problem with this theory was that the very hungry guest kept taking a lot of chips and I continuously had to go over and replenish my supplies.  But hey at least it looked cute!  Be creative with what you find around you to display your food in new ways.  It will be much more appealing to your guests.

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