What Do You Want Wednesday

What do you Want Wednesday

Hello my happy readers!  Today I am starting a new tradition I am beginning “What do you Want Wednesdays”.  I’m going to make it a tradition hear at Easy Event Ideas! To give full credit where credit is due I have stolen this title from a program here at work where Student Government goes out one Wednesday a month to ask the student body what do they want to see change or improved.

Now it is my turn to ask you my readers WHAT DO YOU WANT?  Is there an event you’re planning that you need a tip on.  Is there a topic you’d love to see me blog about?  What is it that you’re looking for?  I’m happy to provide that for you!  Leave your ideas, questions, or comments down in the comment section and wait for my next blog post to be all about you! If you don’t want to submit your idea in the comments section feel free to e-mail me at easyeventideas@gmail.com!

Hope to hear from you soon readers!

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