Easy Rustic Cupcake Stand



My wedding this past winter was in Vermont so we went for a bit more rustic look.  Thankfully my dad was a bit crafty and made this cupcake stand for us. We searched and searched for the wood to use and thankfully had a family friend who had some wood we could use.  Because it was fresh wood it bowed a bit and rounded on the bottom.  To make it work and stand up we placed it in a large bowl under the table skirt.  This actually worked better for us than we expected as it gave us a great look on the table with cupcakes all around the stand.

To make the stand we used four pieces of wide trunked wood and three pieces of birch wood to prop up each layer.  To put it all together he used wood glue and it all held perfectly.  After my wedding while I was shopping in AC Moore I actually saw wood pieces that would have worked perfectly for this lovely craft but it was too late at that point and now you can event find pieces on Amazon that you can buy to build your own stand.  Anyone looking to make their own rustic cupcake stand go check out the arts and crafts shop or Amazon before looking for someone to chop down a tree!  Just kidding all of these pieces of wood were left over from other projects we didn’t chop down a tree!

If you don’t feel like building your own cupcake stand here are a few other options I’ve seen out there that you can purchase:



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