Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

Easy DIY Halloween Decoration


Happy Halloween Season Everyone!  It’s time to get decorating and here are a few quick and easy decoration ideas for you!

1.) Candy Corn Candles

– All you need for this lovely craft is glass some candle holders, candy corn, and some candles. put together and you’re already done with a festive and yummy decoration!

2.) Pickled Brain in a Jar

– All you need for this fun decoration is a nice big jar with top, cauliflower, and then some liquid.  Either water with red food dye or even soup mix with water to get that nice colored yucky effect.  Put everything together in the jar and you’re all set!

3.) Bloody Window Decoration

-All you need for this project is wax paper, red paint, tape, scissors and a paint brush.  Cut the wax paper to the size of your window before painting.  Lay it out on the ground preferably somewhere you don’t mind getting dirty, splatter paint with the paint brush over the wax paper, then cover your hand in red paint and place it on the paper.  I think it’s fun to drag your hand and smear the image of your hand print a bit for a better effect. Tape it up into your wedding and you’re all set!



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