To an Easy Yom Kippur Break Fast

Yom Kippur begins tonight at sundown and ends tomorrow at sundown.  Traditionally I know I always go to a Break Fast event with friends and family.  The key to a good Break Fast is you want it to be something delicious but not something that would hurt your stomach after 24hrs + of fasting, typically this is a normal breakfast spred.  Also, for the person putting on the Break Fast the foods need to be easy to make or be able to be pre-made since you can’t and shouldn’t be cooking during Yom Kippur.  To make the day easy for you here is a list of some great Break Fast Foods for your Yom Kippur Celebration! May you all have a safe and easy fast!


1.) Bagels- Bagels with cream cheese or lox is a very filling food which is one of the reasons they are so popular after the Yom Kippur fast.  Bagels also fit well with the Kosher dairy meal.  Since you can’t bake on Yom Kippur, bagels are also a great item that can be picked up in advance at the bagel shop or if you’re really ambitious you can make your own from scratch a few days before and then freeze them until the Break Fast.  For those of you ambitious enough to make your own bagels CLICK HERE.

2.) Rugelach- Having some sweet treats like cakes and cookies along with fruit is another Break Fast tradition something sweet for a sweet new year.  Rugelach is one of my favorite treats and has become so mainstream now that I actually see it in my local Harris Teeter year round! If you are looking to make your own rugelach instead of picking it up at the store like I am then CLICK HERE.

3.) Quiche- Egg-based recipes are are popular on Yom Kippur because again they can be prepped days ahead of and are generally considered easy to digest. Eggs are also packed with protein and healthy amino acids which help you bounce back after that day of fasting. There is also a symbolic reason for serving eggs during the High Holidays, eggs are a symbol of life and rebirth, two important themes this time of year.  If you are interested in baking your own Quiche for this years Break Fast CLICK HERE.

4.) Fruit Drinks- After a day of fasting you are in need of some refreshments! Fruit drinks are always a nice way to dress up any event and Yom Kippur Break Fast is no exception.  After making your fruit drink cut up some pieces of fruit to go inside.  It gives it a better taste and it looks cute too!

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