DIY Candy Cane Decoration Craft

DIY Candy Canes

It’s the holiday season and you might be having a party this week to celebrate!  Well here is a fun little craft you can do to decorate, use as place cards, or give to your guests as a parting gift.  DIY beaded candy canes are so easy you could have your kids make them!  Beaded Candy Canes-2

All you need are two color beads, I used clear and silver because I was making mine as a gift for my amazing grad assistant Amber to match her tree, some pipe cleaners and a pair of scissors.  I found all of my materials on Amazon and I believe you can get it all for well under $10 depending on if you are getting special colored beads like the silver ones or normal ones.

All you need to do is cut each pipe cleaner in half I find them to be a bit to long if you don’t.  Then star putting the beads on alternating colors.  On each end fold the pipe cleaner over so that the beads don’t fall off and then bend one end to make it into the candy cane shape.

Hanging on Amber's Tree
Hanging on Amber’s Tree

If you are using these to decorate then hang them up.  You can see one hanging on Amber’s tree on the left. If you are putting them in a gift then go right ahead.  If you are planning on using them as a place card I would then make a little tag out of paper and attach it to the candy cane with a ribbon and then place on top of your place setting at the table. I hope that you enjoy this fun little craft!





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