Twitter Series of Holiday Party Advice


Hello Holiday Party Planners!  Over the past month I have been posting a series of  advice to everyone on twitter @easyeventideas.  Every day I give my twitter followers an  tip but for the holidays I changed things up a bit!  Today I am going to post all of that advise here for you! Get ready!

tip for your use unexpected items in your décor. Think a vase filled with cranberries or ball ornaments.

tip for your adding nostalgic elements to the menu can also be a fun and creative endeavor.

tip for your enough and the right size serving dishes? Put them all out and label each plate using sticky notes

for your prepare as much as you can in the days leading up to the party so you can be stress free the day of.

tip for your send out invites early! It’s a busy time and it’s better to have your party on everyone’s calendar!

tip for your make trees out of items other than normal Christmas trees with normal ornaments: cupcakes, tinfoil, etc.

tip for your this year instead of wine, do some fun beer and food pairings from all over the world.

tip: For your give chairs a seasonal makeover wrap or colorful ribbons around the backs of the chairs.

tip of the day: this years should have a hot chocolate bar with oversized marshmallows and whipped toppings.

Tip: The larger your party, the more help you need. Consider hiring college students as bartenders or waiters.

Tips: Small Party? Place all the food, buffet-style, on one main table, and designate another table for the bar.

Tip: A beautiful table can make all food look elegant and inviting.

Tip: In planning your menu, take time to make sure you have as many colors and textures as possible.

Tip: Create 3 master lists (guests, menu, shopping) that will help you keep track of everything for the party.

  Tip: Send your guests home with goodies they can savor long after the holiday meal is over.

 tip for your  pick a the and research it thoroughly. Need ideas: vintage, 60s, 70s, 80s, winter wonderland.

 tip for your  turn off your bright overheads and use amber votive holders, which give off a warm glow.

 tip for your :  Decorate with metallic accents they’re instantly festive and bounce light around.

 tip for your : Tape light and dimmer switches in place so guests won’t lean on them and ruin the vibe.

 tip for your : mix “traditional holiday songs with favorite party tunes in a ratio of 3 to 10,”

 tip for your : Rent a coatrack. It beats having guests pile jackets on your bed.

 tip for your : A 200-degree oven works as a warming drawer.

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