Planning a Winter Wedding? Shop NOW!

1388532654-4985122Did you get engaged over the holidays?  Planning a winter wedding for next year?  Now is the time time to go shopping!  All the stores are trying to get rid of their winter decorations and New Years Eve supplies if you are getting married on New Years Eve like I did a year ago. 1545792_10100564424671135_1750001866_n It might seem crazy to buy a lot of decorations almost a year before you get married but you really will save a lot of money.  Stores like AC Moore, Michaels, Christmas Tree Shop, even Target and Walmart and more are all having sales on all of their wintery decorations.  You can get scented pine cones, fake snow, icicles, snowflakes and so much for for 50-70% off.   I got these New Years Eve supplies at 50% off from a party supply company after New Years Eve the year before I got married.  And these centerpieces I made all materials came at 70% the fake snow, cinnamon sticks, pinecones, christmas ornaments, and fake snow!  Shop now and save money later!!!!!

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