Roll with the Punches

Roll with The Punches-3

In event planning you need to be prepared for anything.  To do this work you need to be adaptable to change and have a game plan for every scenario.  I can’t tell you all of the event’s I’ve worked where I’ve needed to move on to plans b or c.  Today I attended a fabulous conference at work and the planners ran with every punch.

To start the university was delayed an hour from opening, while we were supposed to check in between 8:30-9am we weren’t able to start until 10am.  The opening speaker, the President of the University, has a standing meeting at 10am so he was no longer able to speak, thus they brought in the Vice President to give us a rousing starting speech.   They even had inserts for new schedules for our booklets ready at the check-in. The whole day needed to be cut by an hour and a half and the planners did it with ease cutting here and there moving an educational session around and adapting our ending activity.  At least that’s how it appeared to those in attendance which is a true testament to their ability to roll with the punches.

All in all everyone involved did an amazing job making it appear as though it was business as usual.  Though the roads were slick and their kids had delayed or canceled school they still came in early to set up while the attendees rolled in at 10am.   They did a fantastic job and I am so happy I get to work with such amazing people.  My only complaint for the day is that I didn’t win the raffle to get free gym membership for a year… Oh well there’s always next time!

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