Oscar Ballot 2015


It’s award season again.  With the bitter winter months battling down why would’t you want to stay home on a Sunday night and watch famous people win awards in beautiful outfits? Last year I gave you some great Oscar Party Suggestions between the yummy treats and the red carpet bingo there is lots for everyone to look through!

This year I wanted to make sure you were all set with your Oscar Ballot so that you and your friends can find out who is the true pop culture champion.  Don’t forget to have a good prize for the winner whether its a basket of movie goodies or just a little plastic Oscar from a party store your guests will appreciate the effort and the resulting bragging rights if they win!

For all of my RA’s and Student Activities staff out there make sure if you are hosting an Oscar party this year you print out enough of these sheets for everyone and that you have a great prize to entice students to come out!

To download this year ballot just drag and drop the image onto your desktop or click the image and select save as.  Print and enjoy everyone!  And happy award season!


Oscars 2015 Website




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