Oscar Party Essentials

Oscar Party EssentialsThe 87th annual Academy Awards show also know as Oscars is airing this Sunday night hosted by the fabulous Neil Patrick Harris.  To say that I am a little excited is an understatement.  Out of all of the award shows during the year The Oscars are my absolute favorite.  Followed shortly after by the Tony Awards.  Both of which Neil Patrick Harris has hosted! So today’s post will be discussing some Oscar Party Essentials.  This year we are hosting a party at work and trust me I am making sure we are having all of these essentials…  Except the alcohol.  Lets face it, that’s not really a good idea to give to university students!

So what are these essentials I am talking about?  Well lets see:

Candy Bar 21. CANDY:  Think about any time you go to the movies, what do you want?  Something salty and something sweet.  Make sure you have candy for your guests.  Whether you provide it strait in their bags or you decide to shake it up and display them in some cute glasses or in a candy bar it’s really up to you!  But make sure there are some sweets for your guests.

photo2. GAMES: Ok there are three main games that you can play during the oscars.  Number one is of course the Oscar Ballot feel free to click the link to download one for yourself.  This is for your guests to finish before the beginning of the show.  Throughout the show you will continue to mark the winners and see who guess the most correct winners and then that person gets a prize.  Number two would be to play Oscar Bingo.  This one is usually for the red carpet watcher.  And last is to play Oscar Trivia during the commercial breaks.  Make sure you have lots of prizes for the winners even if it’s just small trinkets.

Award Cupcake3. POPCORN:  Yes, of course have lots of snacks and food for your guests.  On the east coast the red carpet begins at 6pm and the show is at 7pm so that’s right during prime dinner time!  But one thing you just can’t miss out on is the popcorn.  It’s an essential movie snack that can’t be passed over.  If you can try to include some yummy flavor toppings for your guests to sprinkle on top as well!  I know that my local grocery stores and Walmart have started to stock these Kernels toppings and I buy them in bulk for our campus cinema because they are a really favorite!  But you can also always find them on Amazon.

4. DRINKS:  Champagne is of course the fancy Oscar watching drink of choice but remember to have other fun drinks for your guests as well!  Give them fun themed names for the movies that are in the Best Picture category to make it more fun for everyone!

Am I missing something?  Let me know in the comments section!

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