5 Easy Mason Jar Ideas for your Next Party

5 Easy Mason Jar designs for your next event

I always have extra Mason Jars laying around my house that I constantly repurpose for different events.  Today I went through a  few of my favorite designs that you can use for your next event.  Some are a more permanent Mason Jar design than others so make sure you’re set with the design choice before you proceed.

1.) Mason Jar on a Pedestal: For this design you need a few supplies: Paint, Mason Jar, Candle Stick, and Super Glue.  Now this image shows candy in the jar and while the design of putting the mason Jar on the pedestal is permanent you can change what you put inside, you may like candy today, but want to try the fresh fruit and flower design tomorrow and that’s ok.  For instructions on how to put together the Pedestal Mason Jar click the link above, it’s reallllllyyy easy I promise!

2.) Distressed Painted Mason Jar: For this fun design you just need a few tools: Rubbing Alcohol and Soap for cleaning,Paint, Brushes, Sandpaper, an Emery Board, and of course the Jars themselves. This method requires two coats of paint and some filing down to get that distressed look.  For a instructions on how to make this beautiful design click the link above.  And remember though those flowers look amazing!  You don’t just have to use them as a centerpiece with flowers you can still use them for straws or your cutlery at your party.

3.) Chalk Painted Mason Jar Sippy Cup: This is another fun one which you can either use as a parting gift for your guests or keep a collection of these jars in your home for all of your upcoming affairs. For this design you’ll need: Mason Jar, Chalkboard Paint, Small Paintbrush, Permanent Marker, Drill, Cute Straws, Chalk, and a Rubber Grommet. Yes this design requires a drill I don’t want that to scare you to much because they are super cute! and again to simplify take the tops off forget the drilling and just add the chalkboard paint to the front of the jar for guests to write there names and done!  Or you can do chalkboard stickers instead too.  Might not be as hard core but hey this is called easy event ideas right! Make it easier for yourself.  Again click the link above for how to make these awesome jars.

4.) Fruit and Flower Jar: Want to keep your jar reusable for other designs in the future?  Well then this design is for you!  Instead of painting your jar you’re just filling it with some fruit and flowers.  Don’t want to use the flowers that’s cool too, cut up a couple different fruits that are different colors and put a few on each of your tables for a centerpiece.  Try lemons in one, Limes in another, and then throw in some oranges for a cute design!

5.) Hot Coco Jar: This one is not a decoration this one is purely a gift to give your event/party attendees and it’s really easy!  Though it might only feel appropriate to give out in the winter I think a hot coco give away if fun for any cool evening so I added it! But if you don’t want to do hot coco and it’s summer time you could always fill the jar with lemonade mix and a lemon! Or a strawberry to make  strawberry lemonade!  For the hot coco give away fill the jar with hot coco mix and a layer of marshmallows. Finish off the jar by tying on a little baileys for your older guests or a candy cane for your younger guests.

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