What to put in your Welcome Bags

What to put in Welcome BagsWhat is a a Welcome Bag you may ask? They are a little bag, pail, or basket of goodies for your out-of-town guests staying at your block booked hotel.  They can either be sitting at the desk when guests check in or delivered to the guests room for the day they check in, depending on the hotels policy.

Every welcome bag is different and can either be a basic bag that your guest will all appreciate or something you can make truly personalized.  That all depends on your budget really.  Do you want to be remembered for the great bags at the hotel or something special at the wedding?  If you do have the budget to personalize the welcome bag it’s always a fun treat for your guests, but remember there is nothing requiring you to even give guests a welcome bag.  Budget your expenses and if you can afford it sure go and do it, if you can go the extra mile and make them truly personalized sure go and do that.  But remember this is not something to fret over or worry about it’s a nice bonus!

What goes in the Basic Welcome Bag? 

  • Bottled Water
  • Snacks (often granola bars for breakfast or something that travels well, if you are having a theme to your bags this is a good spot to continue with the theme)
  • Information about the local area- Restaurants, local activities, transportation information, etc.
  • Information about the wedding and wedding activities- itinerary, maps and directions, provided transportation information, etc.  Remember many of your guests might not have brought your invitation with them so they might forget where the venue is so it’s always good to provide them with the information again.
  • Include weather helpers- bug spray, sunscreen, a poncho, or some lip balm.
  • Write a thank you note let your guests know how grateful you are that they could share this special day with you.

Upgraded Bag Ideas:

  • Create a localized bag, include items from local vendors especially the snacks!  Give them a little treat from the local region.  This could even include a local wine or craft beer or two for your guests.
  • Play up the weather, include gloves and hand warmers for a winter wedding or sunscreen and a fan for a summer wedding.
  • Customize the bag, instead of getting a regular paper bag go on Etsy and find order some personalized that bags.  This is especially great if you’re having beach wedding because your guests can then use the bag as a beach bag!
  • Be Oprah, create a bag of all of your favorite things and give those to the guests.  Make sure you include a note explaining that as it might not be obvious to your guests.
  • Hangover package, if you have big group of drinkers coming to your wedding it might be good to include some hangover helpers like Advil, Emergen-C, and good alcohol soaking snacks!
  • Throw Back Bag, include fun things from your childhood.  Coolaid, Pop Rocks and other throwback candies, etc.
  • Beach Bag, if you are having that wedding with your cute personalized tote for your guests and have included the sunscreen and fan already why not also throw in a towel for your guests or another fun beach treat?
  • Sports Package, if you and your partner are really into a particular sports team you can even theme your bag around the team, include some crackerjacks and peanuts of course too!
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