DIY Color Run

DIY Color RunWhether you are having your own color run for your floor, friends, or kids or looking to celebrate Holi.  Here is an easy way for you to host your own colorful powder throwing party!


Plastic Baggies

Corn Starch

Food Coloring

Spoons and Forks


Water Guns for the fun!

How To:

Take your food coloring and corn starch. Try a cup of corn starch for each color to start however up your quantities if you are doing this for a whole floor or large group of people.

Add 5-10 drops of food coloring per cup of corn starch until you have the color you want.  Including if you are mixing colors.

Mix together.  The consistency will become hard so use a spoon or fork to break up the chunks.

Finally, let the powder dry overnight. Place it on parchment paper or in a plastic baggie and leave it open. If you find the dried powder is clumpy, run it a few times in your food processor or blender.

Hand the baggies out to your guests and let them throw it at each other.  Spraying each other down with the water guns helps the color stick to their nice white clothes for some added fun!

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