Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Games

Surprise readers I’m pregnant! And I’m due any minute now!  So I feel I should give you just a few tips on planning that baby shower!  I didn’t throw my own baby shower, now that would be silly!  But I had some fabulous friends, who have learned well, plan one for me and they did an absolutely fabulous job!  Today I’m not going to go into tips on planning a baby shower I’m just going to give you some tips on those baby shower games.  In a later post I’m going to tell you all about this other amazing activity we did at my shower to create artwork for my sons room but I’m going to hold off on that one for today!

Baby shower games can be cheesy, fun, and festive.  It all depends on your crowd and what the new mommy might be looking for.  Some mommies like games where you have to taste, smell and look at chocolate in a diaper and figure out what kind of chocolate it is and other mommies would prefer that didn’t happen.  Today I’m going to give you some examples of some games you can do at your next baby shower you’re planning.  But one important thing to note before going on to the games, make sure you host provides some awesome prizes!!! Games that have a winner need prizes!

Baby Shower Printable’s

Baby shower printable’s are fun, festive, can be themed to your taste and don’t usually fall under that cheese factor.  I actually make a bunch of different themed baby shower printable’s and sell them in my Etsy Shop.

Included in these printable is a collection of 7 games and 2 types of advice cards for Mommy and Baby!  These are all really fun games and some of which were played at my baby shower!  Each set only costs $10.  And more themes are coming to the shop every day.  If you’d like your own custom games feel free to e-mail me at


1. Advice for the Mommy-to-be- on this card guest can write out their well wishes and advice for the new mommy!

2. Baby Name Game- In this game each guest should come up with some unique baby names for each letter of the alphabet. Each guest will take turns reading out their list as everyone else shouts out if they have the same name down. Each name that is unique and has no matches from the other guests earns the player a point and the guest with the most points at the end wins!

3. Baby Shower Bingo- Each guest is given this blank bingo card to write a selection of gifts they think the mommy will receive at the shower. While the mom is opening her gifts each guest will mark off the gifts they got correct until someone has a line of 5. First person with a line of 5 wins!

4. Guess Who is Pregnant- In this game each guest should match the animal with its correct gestational length. First guest to get the most answers correct wins.

5. That Costs What?- This game allows each guest to guess how much baby gear really costs. After they write down their guesses and total it all up the host should go through the totals and see which one matches the average amount on the answer key. Closest without going over wins!

6. What’s in your purse?- Everyone should grab their purse and go through all of the items on the list. For each item matched the guest will earn that items point value. Each guest should total their points. Guest with the most points wins.

7. What’s my Baby Called?- This game allows guests to guess what each of these animals babies is called. Guest with the most correct answers in the shortest amount of time wins.

8. Wishes for Baby– This card allows all of the guests to share their well wishes for the new baby. It’s a great keepsake for the new mommy.

9. Word Scramble– Each guest will unscramble each of the baby related words. First guest to get the most correct answers wins!

Diaper-Themed Games

1. Blindfolded Diapering- You need 2 Blindfold, 2 babydolls, and diapers (1 per guest). Have your guests seperate into teams. Each team is given a set of the supplies. This is a relay race, to play each guest must put the blindfold on, remove the current diaper and put a new one on the doll. After the first team member does this, they give the doll to the next, until the entire team is finished. The first team to finish wins.

2. Pass The Dirty Diaper- This game is like hot potato.  You need diaper and music. The host must roll the diaper up like it’s dirty if you want you can put melted chocolate or peanut butter inside so the diaper feels warm and real but that might gross people out! Everyone sits in a circle and passes the “dirty” diaper around as the music plays. When the music stops, the guest who is holding the diaper is out of the game. The last guest is the winner.

3. Don’t Say Baby!- For this game you need a diaper pin for each guest.  Just like at bridal showers when you have taboo words this game can also be played at baby showers. As each guest arrives, have them put the diaper pin on their clothes somewhere. If one guest hears another say the word baby or any other taboo word you want to add to your list (diaper, crib, mommy), they can take their pin. Whoever has the most pins at the end wins.

4. Diaper Derby- For this game you will need a roll of toilet paper for each team and a timer. Give each team a roll of toilet paper and 5 minutes to wrap a team member up in a mock diaper.  The team with the most creative baby wins.

Mommy-to-Be Themed Games

1. How Well Do You Know The Mommy-To-Be- All you need for this game is some paper and pens. For this game you should have the host find out as much about the mommies-to-be as a child and write the questions and answers down. Ask the questions to all guests and have them write their answers down on paper. Whoever has the most answers right wins.

2. Guess Her Age- Gather some pictures of the mother-to-be at all different ages, pens, paper or this game.  Create a big board and put the sheets out next to it with an answers bucket. Have the guests look at the pictures of the mother-to-be and guess how old she was in each picture.  It would be a good idea to also put a number tag on each of the pictures so that it doesn’t get confusing on the answer sheets! Whoever gets the most right wins.

3. Guess The Baby Pictures- This game is just like guess her age but instead of pictures of just the mommy-to-be you should gather one baby picture from each guest attending the party.  Arrange the pictures into a collage and have the guests try and match each picture with the name of a guest.  It would be a good idea to also put a number tag on each of the pictures so that it doesn’t get confusing on the answer sheets! Whoever gets the most right wins.

4. Guess Mommy’s Measurements– You will need string and scissors for this game. Pass around a ball of yarn and a pair of scissors. Tell each guest to cut off a length of string that they think corresponds to the size of the honoree’s belly. When everyone has a piece of string, invite each person up to try his or her luck measuring the mommy-to-be’s belly. Whoever has a string that comes closest to being a perfect measurement, wins.

5. Place the Baby on the Mommy- In this pin the tail on the donkey mocking game you will need a blown up picture of mommy, blinefolds, and small pictures of a baby with tape on the back.  Blindfold each guest and give him or her a cutout picture of a baby. After a couple of spins, each guest must walk to the wall and pin the baby on the mommy. Whoever gets it closest to the tummy, wins.

Baby Themed Games

1. Guess the Baby Food- For this game you will need a collection of baby food jars with their labels covered, spoons, pens, and paper.  Gather seven to ten unique flavors of baby food jars, number each lid and tear off the labels. Ask each guest to grab a spoon and start sampling! The guest with the keenest taste buds wins a prize for getting the most correct.

2. Feed the Baby- For this game you will need a jar of apple sauce for each team, one blindfold per team, and a small spoon.  Divide the guests into teams of two and give them each a jar of applesauce and a small spoon. Each team will then blindfold the team mate doing the feeding while the guest being fed will put their hands behind their backs.  Then the blindfolded guest will feed the other guest.  The fastest duo to finish their applesauce wins.

3. Name that Baby Tune- You will need 1 mix or iPod play list, cd player/iPod speakers, pens and paper. The host will need to do some prep for this one!  Make a mixed cd or playlist of 15 songs each song should have the word “baby” or “babe” in the title. Each guest will have a pen and paper and you will the first 5 seconds of each song.  Each guest should write down the song title (you can also ask them to write down the artist either to make the point count or for bonus points).  The guest with the most correct answers wins!

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