Wedding Transportation Tips


An often overlooked area of wedding planning is the transportation.  It is also an area where big saving can be made by well… not having any.  If your wedding ceremony and reception are in the same location, you’re getting ready there and everything is taking place in one spot you might not even need any! However, if your day consists of multiple locations, there is drinking involved, and your wife doesn’t want to drive in her heals and wedding gown then it’s probably a good idea to get your transportation squared away.  Not only is there transportation to consider for the newly married couple there is also transportation to consider for your guests too.  If you’re getting married on a popular day in a small area it’s probably best not to leave these plans up to the last minute.


Whether you are just hiring a car to pick up the couple at the end of the night or you need cars to usher the wedding party around all day this will all be determined by your budget.  You should also consider getting your wedding party back from the wedding if they will no longer be in the limo with the couple and where they might be leaving their cars.  When booking formal transportation you should consider the following: Total cost per hour, mileage charges, booking minimums, and average distance between your destination.

If you are booking a bus for your guests to get between venues or from the hotel to the venue make sure you have factored in all costs and gratuity for the bus driver as well into your budget.  It’s good to have a family member or close friend ride the bus to make sure everything goes as planned and they arrive on time and are tipped as well.

Choosing a Company

Do your research and ask your friends who they have used.  Be sure that they’ve had experience in wedding transportation and that all drivers are licensed and insured by the company.  You’re not calling for an Uber ride here.  Don’t be afraid to ask for references and referrals from past customers and check out the vehicles for yourself if you have the opportunity make sure they are clean and roomy enough for your wedding party or your guests if you are getting a bus.


Once you have picked your company you will sign a contract with them.  Pay attention to some terms of service: total cost, deposits, gratuity policy if there is one, refund policy, overtime rates and hours, and make sure the exact model of car or size of bus you are looking for is the one being booked and the one you receive in the end.

Setting the Itinerary

It is up to you to set the itinerary for your car service.  They won’t be doing that for you.  Factor in each activity, transportation time, and time to be running late due to traffic or day of itinerary changes. You should include addresses of each pick up and drop off location for both the couple, the wedding party, and the guests if getting a bus. You should also provide a primary phone contact for all of the drivers and that person should not be the bride or groom.  If you’ve hired a wedding coordinator this is the number you should give.  If not try to give the number of the maid of honor, best man, or family member who can be responsible on the day.

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