DIY Baby Shower Painting Project

Baby Shower-2

May baby shower was a great success and I can’t thank my “little sisters” enough for planning such an amazing day to celebrate my little guy!  There was only one thing I asked for to be at my party and that was that I wanted all of my guests to take part in a little project for his room decorations.  Often at a baby shower you’ll see an area set up for people to decorate babies onesies but I wanted a little something different.  My little guy is going to have an art wall full of images made just for him from friends and family that love him.  We let our guests go to town on their designs the only directions we gave them were to leave the paint on the table!


My “little sisters” ordered most of the items online though most can be found at any local craft store except maybe the tiny canvases.  And it was a resounding success!  They really add some color and love to my little guys room!

If you are going for a particular color scheme in your little ones room make sure you communicate that to your guests and only buy paints in those colors if you are looking to duplicate this project!



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