Baby Shower Planning Checklist

Baby Shower Planning Timeline

During the first stage of the baby shower planning the mommy-to-be needs to be very involved.  After that however, feel free to leave mommy out and let her be surprised on the day!

2-3 Months Before

  • The mom should determine first and foremost who will host her shower.  Family member or friend she should pick someone close to her.
  • A budget should be set by the planners normally a shower is not paid for by the mom to be.  If friends are asked to plan the shower sometimes the family of the bride will still offer to pay for the shower.  This often occurs because they are not available to plan the shower but want to contribute.
  • Pick a location.  Baby showers aren’t typically to formal so it can be in someones home, an outdoor space if it’s nice out, or a party room at a apartment building.  If that’s not possible you could also rent out a room in a restaurant or hotel.
  • Pick a date.  This date should allow of course the mommy-to-be to be in attendance but also some family members that the mom wants to make sure are available for her shower.
  • Make a guest list.  This all comes down to the mommy-to-be.  Let her hand this off to you.

6 Weeks Before

  • Chose a theme for the shower if you want one, this is not a requirement and instead of a theme you can always just give the shower a color pallet.
  • Send out invitations.  This can be done electronically or through the mail.  But make sure you get the mommy-to-be’s registry information before sending out the invitation.  You want to make sure you can include that very important information!
  • Begin shopping.  After you’ve picked your theme you can begin looking out for great decorations and party accessories at the store.
  • Plan the menu.  Now is the time to pick what you’re going to serve and decide if you will need to get a vendor to cater anything or if you can DIY!

One Month Before

  • Now it is time to line up those vendors or any extra help you might need.  If you’re going to do flowers or buy food instead of make it yourself get them at now before they are to busy on the day!
  • Order the cake.  If you’re doing a specialized cake you’ll want to put in the order early.  If not you can wait a bit.
  • Prepare some fun baby shower games!
  • Begin collecting those RSVPs so you can get closer to your final head count.

One Week Before

  • Follow up with unresponsive RSVPs.  There are always stragglers expect it and be prepared to follow up with them.
  • Put together goody bags for the guests.
  • Plan gift transportation.  You’ll need to figure out how to get all those huge gifts back to the mommy-to-be’s house.
  • Assign a photographer.  Ask someone coming to help out by taking lots of pictures throughout the day! Preferably someone with a nice camera.
  • Begin shopping for the food, cooking, and cleaning up your home if you’re hosting.

Three Days Before

  • Finish up your food shopping.

One Day Before

  • Follow up with the venue if you are renting to make sure it is all set.  If you’re hosting it in your home our outside make sure the space is ready and keep cleaning up.
  • If you’re not renting a space you can start setting it up today so you don’t have to wait to add that to your list of things to do right before the party.
  • Finish up any game prep whether its getting the prizes together, making sure you have all of the game props, making sure you have enough pens for all of the guests, or just making sure everything is printed properly. Make sure you have it all ready.
  • Get the rest of your cooking done tonight so you don’t need to worry about it in the morning.

Day of the Party

  • Pick up the cake and any other food or items you may have ordered from vendors.
  • Finish setting up and decorating
  • Designate someone to record all of the gifts for the mommy-to-be so that she has an easier time writing those thank you notes later.
  • Help get all of the items to the new mommy’s house and relax you’re DONE!
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