Halloween Party Checklist

Halloween Party ChecklistHosting a Halloween Party this year?  Well then it’s time to make sure you have everything you need ready for the big event!


  • Spiderwebs and Spiders are an easy addition to any decoration kit.  You can find them at a party store or Amazon. Hang them over lamps in corners from the ceiling fan.  They are sure to be a crowd pleaser
  • Skeletons and Ghosts are also a nice spooky addition.  Have a skeletons arm sticking out of a couch cushion. Make a ghost out of sheets or tissues and have them peering out from behind a painting on the wall.
  • Ballons and Streamers are great for any party but if you’re having a very spooky party you might want to skip them.  If you are having kids at your party on the other hand they are a great addition.
  • What other creepy crawlies can you add? Check out some of these ideas I’ve posted about before:


Halloween food can be made creepy in a million ways… Adding red for blood, putting in plastic spiders or gummy worms always adds a nice touch.  Check out Pintrest for a million ideas on creepy appetizers, desserts, and drinks.


  • Hosting your own in house costume contest is a fun activity, let guests vote on their favorite costumes or have a judging panel.  Either works just make sure you have nice prize on hand for the winner!
  • Kid activities are a little more tame than adult activities whether it’s a haunted house, candy bar, or bobbing for apples.  There are always way to make a scary holiday fun for kids.
  • Adult activities can be a little bit more on the scary side.  Check out this list of Halloween Games we’ve suggested in the past.
  • And don’t forget these awesome kids printable games we’ve made.


Don’t forget to get that table ready!  You’ll need extra decorations for your table and all of your table needs: plates, bowls, cups, utensils, napkins, and a table cloth!


To truly set the mood for your party you’ll need to add in some fun spooky music and fun spooky prizes and favors for your guests to take home

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