$5 DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

$5 DIY

In need of a fun, easy, cheap, and adorable centerpiece?  Well why not try this one! All I had to buy was the burlap everything else is things I had around the house or my recycled materials.



Clean out all of your old jars and fill them with pinecones and acorns.  Take your burlap and wrap it around your jar for sizing and cut strips to go around each jar.  Write one letter on each sash of burlap.  Do this on top of an old magazine or paper so it doesn’t get onto your table.  Wrap each one around a jar and hot glue the ends together.  And that’s really it!


If you don’t have acorns or pinecones around your home you can usually purchase them at a craft store.  Or if you don’t want to do that you can also paint each jar a color and then wrap them.


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