New Years Eve Trivia Party Game 2015/2016


So New Years Eve is coming up and you’re hosting the big night!  Well here is a fun set of trivia questions you can ask all of your guests to see who really paid attention this year.

Give everyone a sheet of paper and a pen, have them swap papers when they’re done and have fun! Don’t forget to make sure you have a fun prize for the winner!

  1. What two color combinations was the dress that broke the internet?
    • White and Gold/Blue and Black
  2. What movie grossed the most amount of money
    • Jurassic World (now that might change as we get closer to New Years Eve… Star Wars is getting close)
  3. What did NASA find on Mars in September?
    • Evidence of liquid Water (not actual water)
  4. Who won the Super Bowl?
    • New England Patriots
  5. Where was the Super Bowl Played?
    • Arizona
  6. How many iPhone’s were released this year?
    • 2
  7. Harper Lee came out with her first book this year since To Kill a Mockingbird, can you name it?
    • Go Set a Watchman
  8. Which car manufacturer came under huge criticism after it was revealed that they had been rigging their diesel emissions tests?
    • Volkswagen
  9. In what city was the image of Pizza Rat taken?
    • NYC
  10. Which was the only grand slam title Serena Williams failed to win in 2015?
    • The US Open
  11. What was the most downloaded song of 2015?
    • Hello by Adele
  12. Microsoft announced which new operating system in January 2015?
    • Windows 10
  13. Which film won the 2015 Oscar for Best Picture?
    • Birman
  14. Prince William and Kate Middleton had their second child in 2015.  What is her name?
    • Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge
  15. In what month did the US Supreme Court rule same sex to be legal?
    • June (June 26 to be exact)
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