DIY Window Seating Chart

Window Seating Chart

Window Seating Charts are a beautiful addition to your event, be it a wedding a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or any formal affair that requires a seating chart really!  It gives your event a more rustic appeal and is a beautiful DIY Project.  As long as you are able to find the window panes it is a fun an beautiful way to display your seating chart.


  • Window Panes- to find a more rustic looking window pane you can try to see if you can find one in an antique store, but if that doesn’t work you can purchase new one like this one from Home Depot.  You can then destress it with paint and stain techniques to make it look older for that rustic feel.  Or you can buy one ready made.
  • Oil Based Glass Markers- You then need some markers to do your writing with I prefer Sharpie Brand but you can pick any up at your local craft store or on Amazon like these.
  • Display Supplies- Now if you have a table and a wall you can just prop the window(s) up on the table against a wall.  However, if you’d like to hang your window that will take a little bit more work.  You will need add brackets to the window that can connect to strong enough twine or wire to hang  from a ceiling beam or possibly a tree branch if your event is outside.
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