Bridesmaid Gift Giving Tips

Bridesmaid Gift Giving Tips

Your bridesmaids are there for you through thick and thin, keeping you calm on your big day and plan all of those lead up activities like your shower and bachelorette party!  Not to mention paying for that dress you so lovingly picked out for them, the shoes, plane tickets, hotel, not to mention they hair, nails, and make-up on the big day! So of course when that day comes it’s time to give them back something as a little thank you gift.  Giving bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts is a traditional practice which everyone expects so probably a good idea not to skip this one! Here are some helpful tips to make that gift buying and giving process a little easier!

When to Shop

Well this is really up to you.  It shouldn’t be something you leave to the last minute but it’s also not something you want to run right out and do until all of your bridesmaids are guaranteed!  If you have been good about planning your wedding out there should be a bit of a lag time in between when invitations go out and when the bulk of them arrive.  During this time there may also feel like a lag in what you should be doing planning wise where you feel you should be doing but just aren’t sure what that could be.  That is a great time to pick out these gifts! That should give you at least a month or two to keep you eye out for something fabulous for your bridesmaids!


What to spend on the gifts really depends on your wedding budget. But again this is one area where your wedding budget cuts really shouldn’t come from.  Think about how much money each of these ladies is spending on your wedding and the lead-up! Of course it won’t be a one for one situation you won’t be buying each lady $500 in gifts but around $100-$150 would be a good range for their gifts.  Of course if you have a smaller wedding party you might be able to afford a more expensive gift for each bridesmaid.  And possibly a more extravagant gift for your Maid of Honor to thank her for all of her extra work!

What to Buy

There are a few methods to consider when purchasing gifts for your bridesmaids.  The first is to purchase all of the ladies something similar that they can all wear on the day.  I’ve seen a lot of different examples of this: necklaces, bracelets, earnings, toms shoes to dance in after, bathrobe that say bridesmaid, etc.  I could keep going on.  If you are picking out one of these items that everyone will receive try to make it something nice that the ladies will actually wear again and not something that will just match your wedding theme.

On the other hand you can go with personalized items for each lady.  This is a little bit of a tougher process as you can’t just go buy one item and be done.  You actually have to think about each of your bridesmaids and personalize a gift to her.  If you are on a time crunch I wouldn’t recommend this method.  However if you do want to go the personalized route but make it a little bit easier you can purchase a personalized beach bag like you see in the image above and then personalize the gift you put inside, something smaller but personalized.

When to Give

When do you give the gift to all of your ladies?  Well tradition states that the gifts should be presented to the bridesmaids at the rehearsal dinner.  The bride would toast all of her bridesmaids and give them each their gift at the party.  If you don’t want to go with tradition go ahead bunk it!  On the wedding day when you are all sitting around getting ready eating a light snack give them their gift then! If your bachelorette party is two nights before the wedding give it to your ladies then.  You don’t need to follow tradition here just make sure whatever you give your ladies it is given with love and  gratitude for everything that they have done to help you make your day so special!

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