Tips for Tipping at your Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Sweet 16 or any Large Scale Event

Tips for Tipping at your event, wedding, bar mitzvah, or sweet 16

Is it your Wedding, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Sweet Sixteen Party, or any large-scale event? Remember to take care of those that took care of you on your special day!

Use our helpful chart to help you decide how much to tip at your next event.  Have some checks, cash, and envelopes on hand the day of the event to make sure you take care of everyone.  Here are some ground rules for tipping:

  • Vendors who provide a product, like a cake baker or florist, don’t usually receive tips, but vendors who provide a service, like your DJ, do.
  • A vendor who’s self-employed or is the owner of a business is generally not tipped. However in certain circumstances like with a photographer you may want to because you will continue to work with them after the event and it may hurry along their process.
  • But anyone who goes above and beyond deserves a little gratitude.
  • Certain businesses may automatically include the gratuity—usually about 20 percent of the total bill, which you pay in advance as a condition of your contract. Make sure you check to see if this is included before you go writing out 100 checks.
  • These tips should be handed out for the most part on the day of the event by someone you trust like your event planner or a close family member.
  • A plain business envelope filled with cash or a check is fine, but adding a thank you note is always a sweet and appreciated gesture.
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