Seven Passover Seder Finds for Kids

Seven Passover Seder Finds for kids

Passover is quickly approaching and that means you will need to keep the littlest ones occupied at the table while the seders are going on, other than practicing the 4 questions of course.  Here are a few fun finds we found to help you out while planning your seder!

  1. Paper Passover Seder Plates: this are great for little ones to eat on and have in front of them.  They can’t break it or bang it on the table.  It’s win win really!
  2. Grover and Big Bird’s Passover Celebration: It’s always good to have fun Passover books around for the little ones!  If you were lucky enough to get a passover book from PJ Library last month than you’re already one step ahead.  But if not you should stock up.  This book features Grover and Big Bird as they hurry to get to the Passover seder don’t worry though they arrive just in time to ask the Four Questions.  Want some other great kids passover books try: Lotsa Matzah, Passover is Coming, and My First Passover
  3. Passover Finger Puppets: These are a fun and educational way to involve kids in the Passover seder with a puppet for each of the 10-plagues: blood, frogs, lice, wild animals, cattle, boils, hail, locusts, darkness and first born.
  4. My Soft Seder Set:  This soft seder set is a fun seder plate that kids can play with.  It includes  the seder plate, an egg, a shank bone, major, chariest, kappas, and lettuce.
  5. Frog Straws: Fun straws that all of the kids will love to use for their grape juice! Plus we found them for only $0.11!
  6. Kids Printable Passover Activity Placemat: Fun activities to keep the little ones entertained during the seder connect the dots, color the seder plate, word search, word scramble, and a maze.  All you need to do is pay and you can print this right at home.  It’s a true easy last minute purchase.
  7. Plague Masks: This includes 10 Passover plague masks for each of the plagues. Both fun and educational for the Jewish holidays. Your little ones will look cute at the seder wearing their masks at the table!
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