Tips to Sending Thank You Notes


Are you getting married? Having a wedding shower? A baby shower? Childs first birthday party? A Bar or Bat Mitzvah? Sweet 16? Quinceanera? All of these major life events tend to come with gifts which mean that there will be lots of thank you note writing after words.  But don’t worry though your hand may cramp these helpful tips will help make the writing process a little easier for you! Make sure you keep a detailed list as to who gave you what gift then go for it and home addresses!

Step 1: Greeting

Dear Laura and Mark,

Step 2: Tell them why you’re writing

Adam and I wanted to thank you for celebrating with us last weekend.

Step 3: Mention the gift

We really love the INSERT GIFT HERE you gave us.

Step 4: Tell them why you love the gift

It really will come in handy in the upcoming months.

Step 5: Thank them again

Thank you for helping us (Insert statement such as: starting our new married life, or welcoming our new baby).

Step 6: Closing Statement

We are so blessed to be surrounded by such great family and friends.

Melody and Adam


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