Wood Pallet Wedding Sign

Wood Pallet Wedding Sign-3

Just over a year ago I went to a beautiful wedding in the English countryside.  My cousin was marrying his beautiful bride and I was jet lagged and 6 months pregnant (you won’t be seeing any pictures of me). The event was filled with amazing DIY projects which matched perfectly with their barn country setting.  One such project was their wood pallet wedding schedule.

Using pallet wood gives the sign a more rustic feel than new wood would.  Though you could always destress your wood or paint it white and destress it for another type of rustic look. If your pallet is in good shape you can leave it as is and just paint what you want on it or stain it and paint it. Doing this will leave gaps in your wood unlike what is pictured above.

If you want to achieve this look you will have to remove all of the pallet wood and nails.  And nail them back onto some new support pieces.  If you want a full description of how to create pallet sign check out The DIY Playbook they have some great suggestions!


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