Beach Theme Birthday Party

Beach Theme 1st Birthday Party

For my little one’s party I went over the top with my theming. Beach cake, cupcakes, dessert, snacks, and beach themed food all over. Decorated pails for each child, beach themed signs all around and more! I chose this theme because a. my little one was born in August and it’s hot enough to have a baby pool outside and b. because the baby shower I was thrown was ahoy it’s a boy themed and I have lots of the decorations from that still laying around so why not reuse and recycle!

The Food

I will go into the food in more detail in later posts but here is a sneak peak at some of the yummy goodies.  Click the food item you’d like to learn more about. We served: Pizza Snails, Beach Salad, Seaweed Dip, Beach themed Snacks, Swimmers in Towels (pigs in blankets), Beach Dessert, Beach Ball Cake and Beach Scene Cupcakes.

The Crafts

There were a few items I made myself for this event some of which I sell in my Etsy shop.  I will talk more about a number of these in future posts as well. On top of all of these we also hung up my little ones monthly photo’s in two locations one inside and one outside.

First Birthday Personalized Sign
The Birthday Sign
Beach Theme Birthday Invite
The Invitation
Beach theme food labels
Beach Theme Food Labels
Beach Theme Personalized Water Bottle Labels
Beach Theme Personalized Water Bottle Labels
First Birthday One Banner
First Birthday Banner

The Activities

Since it’s a beach birthday theme we had to have lot of fun activities for little ones to do in our front lawn.  This included a water table, a kiddie pool, a ball pit, two tents, and a fun little car they can ride on!  Lots for little ones to enjoy!


Stay tuned for more information on how to achieve this beach theme birthday look!

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