Why you need a Penny Pit at your next Fall Party for Kids


What is a penny pit you ask?  Well it’s loads of fun with very little work!  All you need is some hay and some penny’s and hey if you really wanna go all out throw in some quarters for an extra special treat!

To make your pit you designate an area and throw down some hay.  Your area doesn’t need to be surrounded with hay you can really use anything to designate your space.  Stakes and strings, some fencing, just using a kiddy pool.  You can even use sand instead of hay if you need to.  After you’ve thrown downs some hay hide some pennies inside and let the kids make easy work of the pit finding the penny’s and keeping their finds!  It’s so easy and fun for the kids. You can usually find hay at any home goods store at this time of the year or a local farm.   Have fun and enjoy!

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