All of your Election Night Party Must Haves

Election night is coming up very quickly.  In just a few days we will find out who will be our next president.  And in a hotly contested election like the one we’ve been having, where the media firestorm has taken it’s toll and the election has become a media circus that it is it is no surprise that there will be many election parties happening across the country.  So to get ready for that great event here are a list of must haves for your election night party!


Election Photo Booth Supplies


You’ve already voted earlier in the day so why not design a fun new “voting” booth that you’re legally allowed to take photo’s in (hope you don’t go to jail JT).994d759eb0b3f5e18dbcfa357c4b681b You can have a plain white backdrop or decorate it with some red white and blue streamers. And you can use an iPad App to take all of your photo’s in your photo booth. It can be easy and fun for your guests.  Plus it will eat up some time while you wait for those results to fully come in in California.


Election Theme Straws

714zpemoqcl-_sl1000_How cute are these straws? They are perfect for your election night party!  America themed so that if you have any left over you can always save them for Memorial Day or the 4th of July.  They are cute and functional and that’s always a plus for any themed party! Have fun with these!!!!


flgpdec1000009022_-00_patriotic-paper-fan-decorations_4Stars and Stripes Hanging Fans

s-l1000These adorable hanging fans are good for both election night parties and any patriotic party.  They are so cute!  They could also be put together for a backdrop for your Photo Booth!

Red and Blue Solo Cups


What party is complete without cups.  Whether your guests are playing drinking games or not solo cups are always a great disposable drinking choice!  If you are going the disposable route you might as well go with the color theme of the two major parties and get some red and blue cups!

Candidate Standees: Clinton and Trump51iktrnfhl-_sl1024_51utkndbq5l-_sl1024_

What party is complete without your own
Trump and Clinton Standees to pose with?

Clinton or Trump fans will love posing with their favorite candidates.  Or dressing them up in feather boa’s and funny glasses always works too!

Candidate Sayings Button


Press the button and hear Donald Trump say ridiculous things in his voice! The button  includes a bunch of different phrases, including
– Hillary is a disaster
– I’m starting to get into your head
– I am the most militaristic person in this l room. I love war
– I’m crushing everybody else
– Dont be an idiot. Seriously! Don’t do it
– Let’s make America great again
– Hillary was the worst Secretary of State ever
– When I become president, I’m moving the capital to New York City
– We are going to be winning so much, you are going to get sick of it!
– You’re fired
– This is going to be huge
– Bill Clinton will be the ugliest First Lady in history
– I love women. I love them
– That’s a fantastic idea! Glad I thought of it

Election Toilet Paper

81wx9mfxhil-_sx522_No election party is complete without some election theme toilet paper for your bathroom.  Now this toilet paper is really only appropriate if your is party is full of anti Trump supporters but it’s still funny none the less. I mean this pose is pretty classic for some toilet paper isn’t it!


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