Keeping Kids Happy at Thanksgiving Dinner

The best way to keep kids patient and happy at any long family meal is to give them something to do.  Naturally kids aren’t the best at waiting, and they tend to have more time to wait since they don’t eat as much as adults.  So if you’re having kids at your Thanksgiving meal it’s good to give them something to entertain themselves. Here are some suggestions for your Thanksgiving Table this year.


The Container Store recommends having out craft paper and crayons for coloring, having a fun kid friendly snacks out like their Tropical Lemonade Punch and Turkey Treat Snack Mix put together with their turkey tail feather craft.

Thanksgiving Placemat

Kid Friendly Placemats put these cute printable placemats out with some colored pencils or crayons for the kids to play with while they wait for their next course.  Fun activities for all ages on these and you can easily print them at home with your printer.

Thanksgiving Fruit Turkey


Display their fruit and veggies in fun kid friendly ways.  Click Here for directions on the Veggie Turkey from CBC.  Click Here for directions on how to make the Fruit Turkey that we made a few years ago. p0llkj.

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